Nanny in Dubai: What you should consider " Laws, costs & service providers

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Nanny in Dubai: All info on laws, costs & service providers

30 August 2023
Nina Noel
Nina Noel

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The Life in Dubai is different from what we know from Germany. Normal everyday life usually includes a nanny. A nanny is a professional childcare worker who usually works in the household of the family where she is employed. Their main job is to care for and raise the children, but their exact duties can vary depending on the needs of the family. In this post, you will find out all the important information about nannies in Dubai. Through our long experience with nannies, we can provide you with the best information.

The most important facts in a nutshell:

  • 👶 Families in Dubai often employ nannies for various reasons: such as working parents, distance from extended family, social norms, economic reasons.

  • ⚖️ Legal requirements: There are criteria for nanny employment such as income and sponsorship requirements.

  • 💰Salary of a nanny: The salary depends on experience and responsibilities and averages around AED 2,700 per month.

  • 🧼 Tasks of a nanny: In addition to childcare, tasks may include cooking, housekeeping and companionship.

Why are there families with nannies in Dubai?

Working parents: Many families in Dubai have both parents working full time. The work culture can often require long hours and in such cases, it is difficult for parents to look after their children all day. A nanny offers a practical solution here, as she can look after the children during the parents' working hours.

Lack of extended family structures: Many expats in Dubai live far away from their extended families. In many cultures, including Germany, it is common for grandparents or other family members to help with childcare. In the absence of these family structures, many families in Dubai turn to nannies as a viable alternative.

Social and cultural norms: In many cultures, especially in the Middle East, it is common for families to have support in the home. This can be in the form of nannies, household helpers (called maids) or even extended family members. In Dubai, a city with a high expat population, many families adopt this practice.

Economic factors: Compared to many Western countries, the cost of hiring domestic help in Dubai is relatively low. This makes it financially feasible for families to have domestic support.

Lifestyle and social activities: Dubai offers a vibrant social calendar with many events, activities and social gatherings. For parents who wish to participate in such activities, a nanny offers the flexibility to do so without having to worry about looking after their children.

If you are thinking about hiring a nanny in Dubai, there are some important things to consider:

Legal requirements for hiring a nanny

According to the Executive Order of the Federal Domestic Workers Act No. 10 of 2017, foreign residents can hire sponsored domestic help if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Individuals or families with a combined monthly income of at least AED 25,000.

  • Those who are given permission to sponsor domestic workers as per the decisions of the UAE Cabinet.

  • Patients in the UAE with recognised Health insurance and a combined monthly family income of at least AED 15,000.

  • UAE expats working as consultants in various fields and legal advisors.

  • Special cases approved by a competent minister in accordance with the UAE Labour Regulations.

  • It should be noted that bachelors are not allowed to hire domestic help.

  • Where to hire domestic help: Since March 2021, it has been mandatory for UAE nationals and expats to hire domestic workers through a Tadbeer centre to protect the rights of employees and employers.

What does a nanny earn in Dubai?

A nanny in Dubai can be more affordable than you think. The monthly cost of a nanny varies depending on the nanny's experience, responsibilities and skills. Other costs include health insurance, sponsorship fees, airline tickets, basic living expenses and a refundable deposit. According to World Salaries the average salary of a nanny in Dubai is around AED 2,700 per month. The minimum a nanny earns is around AED 1200 per month and the maximum is around AED 4500. Please note that these figures are highly dependent on the nanny's responsibilities, experience and level of education. Thus, the nanny bears a small part of the Cost of living in Dubai at.

In addition to the salary, the employer must pay the fees for the nanny's visa, which is valid for two years, and cover the costs of health insurance.

The visa costs 8500 AED for 2 years and includes health insurance. Other additional costs amount to AED 250 per month. These are for the processing fee to the agency, opening an account for the nanny and processing the payment of the salary.

The nanny also receives 30 paid days of leave per year, and the employer must pay for the nanny's round-trip flight home every two years.

What are typical responsibilities of a nanny?

The exact duties of a nanny vary from family to family. Some families may require a nanny who focuses solely on childcare, while others may expect additional tasks. It is therefore crucial that expectations are clearly communicated from the beginning.

Other areas of responsibility, in addition to childcare, may include:

  • Homework supervision

  • Budget

  • Shopping 

  • Cooking

  • Laundry

  • Ironing

  • Pet care

  • Accompaniment to appointments

  • etc.

Apart from homework supervision, nannies have no educational task towards the children. Dubai's school system is compulsory and provides for the education of all children.

Does the nanny need a visa?

Yes. The visa application for a nanny in Dubai requires various documents and steps. The application can only be made by the head of the family, usually the husband. The documents required include the visa application, passport photos, passport copies, sponsor's salary certificate and many others.

The visa costs 8500 AED for 2 years and includes health insurance. Other additional costs amount to AED 250 per month. These are for the processing fee to the agency, opening an account for the nanny and processing the payment of the salary.

Where can I find nannies for my family?

BEWARE of Facebook and Whatsapp groups where nannies apply directly to you with their CV and want to work with their own visa. This is illegal and you are liable to prosecution! If something should happen, you and your family are not insured. You will have to pay for the damages yourself. You can still hire these nannies, but then the visa has to go through Tedbeer, but you are the direct sponsor, not the agency. The visa runs for 2 years and costs about AED 8000. However, if the nanny leaves the household before the 2 years are up, these costs will not be reimbursed and you will have to pay for another visa for the new nanny. As a rule, the total cost of a nanny is lower if you sponsor her yourself through a Tedbeer and, in addition, the nanny receives the entire salary without having to give a commission to an agency. 

You can find nannies on special platforms or with special marketplaces such as:

If you want it to be quick: If you prefer to hire a nanny through an agency in Dubai, the process can be quicker but may also be more expensive. Agency fees can vary and usually include the nanny's visa, health insurance, medical test, flight tickets and agency fees. Advantage: If the nanny is arranged through an agency, you will receive a replacement on the same day if your nanny drops out or does not meet your expectations. In addition, you do not have to pay the 8000 AED visa fee again for a new nanny. However, the cost of a nanny booked through an agency is usually higher and the nanny only receives part of the salary paid because the agency receives a commission. 

Can I hire a nanny on a part-time basis?

If you do not need full-time help, you can contact cleaning companies and registered nanny agencies in Dubai that offer part-time services. Costs vary depending on the number of hours per week, the size of your accommodation and the cost of cleaning supplies. It is also possible to hire a nanny part-time if this suits both parties. 

Where does the nanny live?

There are so-called live-in or live-out nannies. In most cases, the nanny lives in the employer's household. On the one hand, this creates flexibility and on the other hand, the nanny saves the expensive travel and accommodation costs. But here, too, you can look at what suits your own situation best.

Are you thinking of emigrating to Dubai?

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Nina Noel
Nina Noel
Nina Noel, founder of Dubai Emigrate, has developed an impressive expertise in emigration counselling through personal experience and persistent work. After going through the challenges of moving to the UAE herself, she decided to use her knowledge and experience to make the process easier for others. Since then, she has accompanied and supported hundreds of people in their transition to Dubai
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