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Health system and medical care in Dubai for expats and tourists

7 August 2023
Nina Noel
Nina Noel

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Health system and medical care in Dubai

The metropolis of Dubai is known worldwide for its advanced healthcare system and excellent medical care. In this article, we provide you with a detailed insight into the healthcare system in Dubai and explain the importance of medical care for expats and tourists.

The most important facts in a nutshell:

  • 🏥 The healthcare system in Dubai is well organised and offers high-quality healthcare services. Top in the world.

  • 💼 Expats in Dubai have access to a wide range of health services for which health insurance is necessary. There are special programmes for expats that offer regular health checks, access to specialists and emergency services.

  • 🌍 Tourists can also benefit from the excellent health services in Dubai. It is recommended to take out travel insurance with medical cover. There are numerous pharmacies in Dubai, but some medicines may require a prescription.

  • 💰 The cost of medical treatments in Dubai varies depending on the type of treatment, medical complexity and the medical facility chosen. The cost of treatments ranges from small amounts, €25 - €37 for doctor visits and blood tests, to higher amounts for surgical procedures.

  • 💊 The cost of medicines in Dubai also varies depending on the type of medicine. Prescription medicines are readily available in pharmacies, while special medicines are available in specialised pharmacies or hospitals.

  • 👨‍⚕️ There are German and German-speaking doctors in Dubai who cover various medical specialties. We have compiled a list for you!

The health system in Dubai

The health system in Dubai is well organised and provides quality health services. The government plays a crucial role in the provision of health services. It has, in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority introduced various health programmes and initiatives to improve health care in the city. These programmes include preventive measures, health promotion, treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, the government has invested in the construction of hospitals and health centres to ensure that all residents have access to quality health services.

Medical care for expats in Dubai

Expats and residents have access to a wide range of health services in Dubai. It is mandatory for all expats to have health insurance and there are special health programmes tailored to their needs. These programmes include regular health checks, access to specialists and emergency services. It is important to note that the cost of healthcare services in Dubai can be high, so comprehensive health insurance is essential. For more information on health insurance for expats in Dubai, see here.

Medical care for tourists in Dubai

Tourists can also benefit from the excellent health services in Dubai. Emergency care is well organised and efficient. We recommend that tourists take out travel insurance with medical cover. This insurance can help cover the cost of medical treatment in the event of an accident or illness while in Dubai. In addition, there are many pharmacies in Dubai that offer a wide range of medicines. However, it is important to note that some medicines that are freely available in other countries may require a prescription in Dubai. For more information on travel health insurance, check with your insurance provider - nowadays, almost every bank credit card has adequate travel health insurance. Check the exact coverage offered by your bank's credit card. 

How much does medical treatment cost in Dubai?

It always depends. There are several factors that influence the cost of medical treatment. Here are the most important influencing factors:

1. type of treatment
The type of treatment is an important factor affecting the overall cost. Simple procedures such as routine check-ups and minor surgery tend to cost less than complex surgery or long-term treatments such as cancer therapies.

2. degree of medical complexity
The complexity of the medical case also influences the cost of treatment. Complex cases often require specialised expertise, advanced technologies and longer treatment times, which can increase costs.

3. medical facility
The choice of medical facility can also have an impact on costs. Private hospitals and clinics in Dubai generally offer high-quality medical care, but can be more expensive than government health facilities.

To illustrate, here are some average costs for common medical procedures in Dubai:

  • A general doctor's visit can cost between AED 100 and AED 500.
    (Costs: approx. 25 € to 125 €)

  • A blood test (small blood count) can cost between AED 150 and AED 500.
    (Costs: approx. € 37 to € 125)

  • A simple surgical procedure such as an appendectomy can cost between AED 10,000 and AED 20,000.
    (Costs: approx. € 2,500 to € 5,000)

  • More complex operations such as heart surgery can cost over AED 100,000.
    (Costs: approx. 25,000 €)

Please note that these are only averages and the actual costs may vary depending on the individual case.

How much do medicines cost in Dubai?

The accessibility of medicines and the associated costs are crucial factors for people seeking medical care in Dubai. The availability and cost of medicines in Dubai play an important role in ensuring the quality of healthcare services for expats and tourists.

To provide a comprehensive overview, here is a table outlining the availability and cost of medicines in Dubai:

Medication type AvailabilityCost range
Prescription medicinesImmediately available in pharmacies throughout the cityVaries depending on the specific drug
Over-the-counter medicinesWidely available in pharmacies and supermarketsAffordable price range (Ibuprofen 400mg à 20 tablets = 4€)
Special medicinesAvailable in specialised pharmacies or hospitalsHigher costs due to their nature

Are there also German doctors in Dubai?

There are German-speaking doctors in Dubai as well as German-speaking doctors. Here we show you the list of German-speaking doctors in Dubai:

List of German-speaking doctors in Dubai

General practitioner
Charlotte Zöllner (Top Medical Center)
Teresa Grigoleit (Healthbay Clinic)

Alia Issa (Healthbay Polyclinic)

You want to access the whole list of our contacts to German doctors? Then become part of our community. The official launch will be in October 2023 - until then you can ask for doctor recommendations by contacting us.

Conclusion and recommendations

In summary, the health system and medical care in Dubai are of high quality. Both expats and tourists can benefit from the excellent healthcare services. It is recommended that anyone travelling to or living in Dubai has adequate health insurance and is aware of the healthcare services available. In addition, it is important to be aware of the health regulations and policies in Dubai to ensure that you are well prepared in case of a medical emergency.

Frequently asked questions about the health system and medical care in Dubai

Nina Noel
Nina Noel
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